Things I’ve learnt before turning 21 (part 3 | p1 & p2)

1. Go to bed when you feel tired.
2. Take a nap if you need to.
3. Swearing can help you deal with pain.
4. Your broken heart will mend.
5. Never give someone the power to destroy you.
6. Don’t be embarrassed when your partner says cute things to you.
7. Your grandparents can be great judges of character.
8. Get a book light, use that to read at night - never use your bedside lamp.
9. Accidents happen and you aren’t to blame.
10. You’re going to fuck up.
11. The grass isn’t greener on the other side.
12. Cuddles can save a relationship.
13. If you break up with someone, you’re still allowed to be sad.
14. It’s likely your partner will have ex’s. Accept that.
15. Don’t be jealous of ex’s. There’s a reason why they’re an ex.
16. Have a bubble bath.
17. You can never spend too much money on books.
18. You have a universe inside of you.
19. You will never be defined by mere words.
20. Keep a journal.
21. You’ll regret getting tumblr at times.
22. But then you’ll realise it’s worth it.
23. Mental illness is nothing to be ashamed about.
24. The stars are shining for you.
25. There isn’t many people who drink alcohol because they like the taste.
26. Don’t assume.
27. A three hour break from studying can be a good thing.
28. Those children’s shows you used to watch are filled with good advice.
29. Speak about your problems.
30. Make your bedroom a mini paradise.
31. It honestly does not matter what your first car looks like.
32. When it’s windy don’t even bother to fix your hair.
33. Don’t let doctors blame everything on weight.
34. You will be overcome by sudden and strong feelings and it’s going to freak you out.
35. But you’ll get through it.
36. Write your story, don’t just be a character.
37. Don’t build your walls too high.
38. Keep your favourite perfume with you at all times.
39. Be open to new ideas.
40. Be prepared to keep learning.